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New Amsterdam Season 3 kicked off in September, and boy is it different. As someone who has watched this show from the beginning, Season 3 is not what I expected. I watch New Amsterdam for Max, his enthusiasm, his willingness to always do the right thing. I also watch for the rest of the team. For all of the doctors, nurses, and administrators who challenge Max. Who question the system and have their own enthusiasm for their patients and the hospital.

If you are a fan of New Amsterdam for the same reasons, you may be disappointed in the direction the show has taken this year. As I write this, the show is on the holiday hiatus, and it will be back after the new year. The questions I have are- will Max really move to London? How will New Amsterdam survive without him? And, do I want a New Amsterdam without Max?

I read a couple of interviews and articles at the beginning of the season, and the showrunner confirmed that Max will indeed move to London. Whether this actually happens remains to be seen, but I have to believe that big changes are in store for Max in 2022.

New Amsterdam Season 3 Cast Changes

Another significant change in Season 3 of New Amsterdam is the change in cast members. The new Medical Director taking over Max's job is all about the bottom line. With the hospital struggling financially, that meant layoffs. I don't want to spoil who left, but let's just say that many of the supporting cast members we love are no longer on the show. For now, many of the core cast members are still on staff at the hospital, but with Max gone, he can't protect them.

New Amsterdam Season 3

Can New Amsterdam Survive the Changes

I think the second half of the season will tell a lot about the show's direction. But the big question may be- will it lose fans before that even happens? I use my sister as an example. A die-hard New Amsterdam watcher, it's usually the first show she watches when she sits down to catch up on shows she DVR'd. Unhappy with the changes this year, she no longer jumps to watch the show. In fact, I don't believe she is even caught up on the first half of the season.

I hope the second half of Season 3 brings back what I love about New Amsterdam. Max is the heart, soul, and moral compass for the hospital, and without him, it's like Grey's Anatomy without Meredith.

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