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When a fitness instructor learns that the rec center in her hometown is being sold to a real estate developer, so rallies the community to fight it. Amanda Kloots and Paul Greene star in the CBS movie Fit for Christmas. Here's a look at the story, cast, and whether it's worth watching.

Fit for Christmas Story and Cast

Audrey (Amanda Kloots) is a dance-based fitness instructor who heads back to her hometown when her boutique gym in New York City closes. Upset by the failure of her business, and the end of her relationship with Bradley (Stephan Miers), Audrey goes home to enjoy Christmas with her father and friends.

Audrey's home town of Mistletoe is a Christmas lovers dream location, and she loves everything about it. She especially loves the town's rec center, where her mother taught dance classes when she was alive. And, where members of the community enjoy taking classes. So when Audrey hears that the town plans on selling the rec center to a real estate developer who plans on tearing it down, she organizes a fundraiser to raise the money necessary to keep the center going.

Griffin (Paul Greene) works for the real estate developer and he is sent to Mistletoe to expedite the deal and get it approved by the town council. When he bumps into Audrey and she learns who he is, she immediately dislikes him and tries to convince people to fight the deal. She doesn't want the charm of the small town to be swallowed up by a big corporation that would put local business owners out of work.

While Audrey fights to keep the rec center, she also tries to show Griffin how special the town is. She loves Christmas and all of the activities that the town does to celebrate the holiday. While Griffin is just the opposite and can't imagine why the big fuss over Christmas.

Fit for Christmas

Fit for Christmas Review

Amanda Kloots wears multiple hats in this movie as she is not just the star, but she is also a co-writer and executive producer. As you may expect from a fitness instructor, her character is very high energy. And she has such an obvious distain for Griffin that it's hard to imagine the two of them together. Of course you know that they ultimately do end-up together, but I found it hard to watch the first half of the movie with the two of them butting heads every step of the way. And then, doing a 180 and being attracted to each other.

It's actually just Audrey who does a 180, because Griffin seems intrigued by her from the moment they meet. He clearly finds her competitive nature attractive and is amused that she gets annoyed by him. It's very elementary and childish to me.

The Verdict: Meh. I found Fit for Christmas to be OK. Unlike Lifetime and the Hallmark channel, CBS only puts out one Christmas movie each year. So I had high expectations for this one. And maybe it's because I just watched Paul in I'm Glad It's Christmas on Great American Family, but I was really underwhelmed by Fit for Christmas.

Fit for Christmas
Fit for Christmas starring Amanda Kloots and Paul Greene

Fit for Christmas Recap

If you like Paul Greene and Amanda Kloots, then you'll probably enjoy Fit for Christmas. But with so many holiday movies available to watch this year, I think there are better options out there. For instance, check out my ranking of the best Hallmark Christmas movies this year to see what some of the other networks are showing this year. There are better movies that have more heart and soul compared to this movie.

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Fit for Christmas

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