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Emily in Paris is back for season 3. This fan favorite on Netflix follows Emily Cooper as she navigates living and working in Paris. Does season 3 have the high fashion, charm, and romance of the first two seasons? Here's a review of the new season.

Emily in Paris Season 1

Emily in Paris

Emily (Lily Collins) works for a marketing and advertising company in Chicago. When her company acquires a French company, she suddenly finds herself moving to Paris. She doesn't know the language, doesn't know anybody there, and the office she goes to help doesn't want her there. But Emily uses her charm, and upbeat personality to prevail.

Season one of Emily in Paris follows Emily as she navigates all of the challenges of being an expat in Paris. She is so excited to be in a city that is known for it's fashion, food, and romance. Emily emmerses herself into the culture and loves every minute of it.

Her roommate Mindy (Ashley Park) is a singer trying to make it without her family's wealth. She teaches Emily the ropes when it comes to living in Paris. Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) is the chef who works at her neighborhood restaurant. And, he also lives in her building. The first season follows their romance, which is complicated by Gabriel's relationship with his girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat).

Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris Season 3

Season 2 of Emily in Paris

Season two brings in more conflicts for Emily. If you haven't watched season one yet, then STOP right here and head over to Netflix to watch it. I won't give away too much of the storyline, but there still may be SPOILERS if you read on.

In Season 2 Emily has to deal with problems at work. And, in her love life. Her boss Madeline (Kate Walsh) has come over to Paris to be more involved. But her personality and style doesn't mix well with the Paris office. And that puts Emily right in the middle since Madeline expects her to be on her side, while her Paris colleagues want her to support them.

Emily's love life in this season goes through more ups and downs as well. She is trying to move on from Gabriel and find a new love. She starts dating Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), who is in Paris temporarily for work. This season ends with some cliffhangers about what Emily will do with her love life, and her career.

Emily in Paris Season 3

Season three of Emily in Paris dropped on Netflix on December 21, 2022. It picks up with answers to the cliffhangers from season two. Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and her team from the Paris office have walked out to start their own firm. Sylvie can't put up with Madeline anymore, and wants to run her own company again.

Although Sylvie always gets annoyed with Emily, she does appreciate that she comes up with good marketing ideas for the clients. So Sylvie asks Emily to join the new company. At the same time, Madeline is trying to keep the office going after all of the staff have left. It is just she and Emily trying to hold things together.

Emily is with Alfie this season, although she still has feelings for Gabriel. But since he and Camille are together, she has to settle for being friends. As much as they both try, the chemistry and attraction is still there for them. And while they may try to ignore it, it's hard for Camille and Alfie to ignore it. Deep down they both know that Emily and Gabriel are meant to be together. But as with most seasons, we are left with another cliffhanger that will drastically impact their relationship.

Review of Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is an absolute gem. There is so much to love about this show. First, there is the cast. Everyone is amazing and I absolutely adore Lily Collins as Emily. And the French actors that make up the majority of the cast are all wonderful too.

There are two additional cast members in this series. Namely, the setting and costumes. Who doesn't love a show, or movie, based in Paris. It is the city of love and lights after all. And, the show makes the best of its location. Each episode takes us on a journey through the city, and the French culture.

The other major influence and joy of the show are the costumes. The fashion is awesome, and is a huge part of the show. Emily in particular is known for her amazing outfits. Mindy is also one who pushes the boundary, and wears some pretty spectacular outfits. Not things that most of us would either have access to, or would wear. But that's part of the joy. We live vicariously through Emily and her friends.

Summary of Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is one of the top shows on Netflix and it's one that I highly recommend. Season one and season three are my favorites so far. That's not to say that season 2 was bad, but it didn't have the same spark for me as the first season. And I was thrilled when the third season seemed to get that spark back. It's a great season and was just what I needed during the holidays. This charming show is a winner on every level, and is the perfect show for rom-com lovers.

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