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In a A Hollywood Christmas, a movie director learns that the studio is cutting their Christmas movie division, and her current film will be her last. Can she convince the executives that the magic of Christmas movies is something that everyone needs? And more importantly, does this movie have the magic to make it a winner?

Synopsis of A Hollywood Christmas

A Hollywood Christmas is like a Christmas movie within a Christmas movie. Jessica (Jessika Van) is a Director whose career was built on creating classic Christmas movies. She knows the formula that every good Christmas movie needs, and she understands the emotional draw that these movies bring to people.

When the new executive of the movie studio decides that the Christmas movie division needs to be cut, Christopher (Josh Swickard) is sent to watch-over the final movie that Jessica directs. As a numbers guy, he isn't used to the movie business. So when his feedback to the studio results in a cut to Jessica's budget, she is faced with getting creative to finish the movie.

While filming the movie, Jessica and Christopher have an attraction between them. He drives her crazy, but she is also attracted to him. Her assistant thinks that their love story is like the formula of a Christmas movie. It has a lot of the same elements, and that's why the movie is like a Christmas movie within a Christmas movie.

A Hollywood Christmas

A Hollywood Christmas Review

A Hollywood Christmas is one of those movies that had potential, but ultimately fell very short. And while I don't typically like to blame actors, for this movie it was tough to watch because of certain actors. When there is a voice that you just can't listen to, it makes it really hard to watch.

The Verdict: Skip. There's really no reason to watch this movie. I don't mean to be harsh, but there are just too many good movies out there to waste time on mediocre ones. In fact, if you're looking for a better 2022 Christmas movie to watch on HBO, then go with Holiday Harmony.

Holiday Harmony has a great cast, including Brooke Shields. And, small time charm mixed with wonderful music. So when you're looking for a Christmas movie to fill your holiday with cheer, skip A Hollywood Christmas and move on to Holiday Harmony instead.

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