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When a couple try to surprise each other for Christmas, they end up surprising themselves. Your Christmas or Mine shows us how two families can celebrate the holidays in very different ways. Can they mix the two together for a little Christmas magic?

Your Christmas or Mine Storyline

James (Asa Butterfield) and Hayley (Cora Kirk) are University students heading home for the holidays. After saying goodbye at the train station, they each get the idea of joining the other for Christmas. So James switches to Hayley's train, but at the same time, Hayley changes to his. The surprise is on them when they end up at the other's home, and the only person there to meet them are the families they have never met.

With a big storm shutting down the trains, James and Hayley are stuck where they are. As they try to make their way back to each other before Christmas, they are faced with families that are polar opposites to their own. And, they both realize that they haven't been completely honest with the other.

Your Christmas or Mine
Your Christmas or Mine? on Amazon

Your Christmas or Mine Review

Your Christmas or Mine is a lighthearted and fun Christmas movie. Is there a right way to celebrate the holiday? James and Hayley get a glimpse of the other's life when they spend time with the families. Hayley's family is loud and over the top, while James' is just the opposite. Since his mother's death, the house is quiet during the holidays. But Hayley brings back that magic and spark to the house. And, to his father.

How do we share news with our family when things aren't going how they planned? That's the other question that is woven into the storyline. James and Hayley have both made changes in their lives and have not shared it with their family. Whether it's for fear of disappointing them. Or, that they just did want the argument. After the Christmas mix-up they are able to look at their lives in a different way and realize that they need to be open and honest with their families.

Amazon Reviews for Your Christmas or Mine

Your Christmas or Mine has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. The positive reviews agree with my point of view. That this English rom-com is charming and cute. It is witty, and has a great cast. The plot may be a little predictable, and not all that unique. But, what is unique is the setting and the cast. Hayley's family is loaded with characters, and if you're a fan of British humor then you are going to enjoy this movie.

Your Christmas or Mine Recap

Your Christmas or Mine is a delightful Christmas movie. On top of being fun to watch, I really enjoyed the music for it as well. I think the music really helped elevate the movie and make it an all-around good movie. It's the perfect movie to watch on a snowy day when you're curled up in front of the fireplace. Cozy and comfortable through and through.

It has been a good year for Christmas movies on Amazon's Prime Video. Another great movie to watch is Something From Tiffanys. This is one that I really enjoyed. In fact, I did like it more than Your Christmas or Mine, but I think that both are really great movies that are worth watching this holiday season.

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