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The Destined at Christmas movie kicked-off the holiday season for the Great American Family channel's Christmas movie lineup for 2022. As I've written about before, this is really GAF's first full season of Christmas movies. So how does the first movie stack up and is it worth adding to your watch list for this season?

Destined at Christmas Movie Story

The Destined at Christmas movie is the story of Kim (Shae Robins) and Theo (Casey Elliott). The two meet while waiting in line for a store to open on Black Friday. They bump into each other again when they leave the store and they end up spending the morning shopping together. They grab breakfast at the local diner and then head out for more shopping. But that's when things go wrong.

Kim and Theo head to a big store to do some more shopping. Kim goes down one aisle to grab something and just then there is a power outage at the store. The two search for each other, but can't reconnect. They both end up leaving the store wondering if they'll ever see each other again.

That early morning shopping spree together was memorable for both Kim and Theo. They each spend the next month trying to find each other. But with only their first names and clues from the stories they shared, finding each other isn't easy.

The two do a good job looking in places where they hope to find the other. But, they are always either one step behind. Or, it's the classic tale of he walks in one door while she walks out the other. So the Destined at Christmas movie takes you on a journey of watching each one hunt for the other, and they don't find each other until the very end of the movie.

Destined at Christmas Movie
Destined at Christmas Movie on Great American Family

Destined at Christmas Movie Review

When I wrote about Noel Next Door I mentioned that one strategy is for a channel to put one of their strongest movies on opening night. This is what the Hallmark Channel usually does at it gets the viewer hooked, so to speak. After all, if the first Christmas movie is a good one you're excited for more. Unfortunately, the Destined at Christmas movie did not get me hooked for what Great American Family has to offer this holiday season.

I think there are two primary things I think about when I watch a Christmas movie. First, how does it make me feel? Does it get me into the Christmas spirit and tug at my heart strings? Or, does it make me nostalgic for Christmas and give me those cozy Christmas vibes? The second thing I think about is, would I want to watch this movie again.

Unfortunately the Destined at Christmas movie falls short in both areas. There was nothing in the movie that got me into the Christmas spirit. Sure, it had Christmas shopping, a gingerbread house contest, and other classic activities. But, none of them were presented in a way that got me excited. The most exciting scene of the movie was the Santa sendoff at the end of the movie. Now that made me feel like Christmas.

Destined at Christmas Movie Recap

I had really high hopes for the 2022 Christmas movies on Great American Family. The 2021 year was disappointing, but that's because the company pulled together the movie lineup very late in the year. They clearly put the movies together on a shoestring budget and it showed. This year I was really hoping to see Great American Family step up their game and make better movies. Let's hope that the remaining 17 scheduled this holiday are better than the Destined at Christmas movie. This too looked like a low-budget Christmas movie and it's not one that I would watch again.

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