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A class President tries to put together the perfect Christmas Class Reunion and finally break the curse of bad luck that the class has had going all the way back to the winter formal their senior year. Can she pull it off, and also juggle her high-powered career at the same time? Here's my review, and a look at the story, and cast.

Overview of Christmas Class Reunion

Christmas Class Reunion

As the class President, Elle (Aimee Teegarden) is in charge of putting together the class reunion. With disaster, after disaster, at their previous reunions, she is determined to make this one a success. She has planned every last detail of the event, but she didn't plan on the class clown and Vice-President Devin (Tanner Novlan) being in charge of everything. His company handles events and is supplying all of the supplies and equipment they need.

Elle and Devin were polar opposites in High School. She was the valedictorian who went on to be a power house in the tech industry. Devin on the other hand is a fly by the seat of his pants type of guy. And, a jokester who was the cause of some of the disastrous events this class had. He also doesn't usually goes to the events, so his goal was to help organize the event, but he did not plan on attending.

When a fire and water damage leaves them scrambling for a new venue for their Christmas Class Reunion, Elle and Devin work together to find a backup location. During the process, Elle begins to appreciate his approach to life. He is not a planner, and instead takes life as it comes. With a teenage daughter, he appreciates that some of the best things in life are the things that take you by surprise.

As Elle is dealing with the problems at the reunion, she is also facing problems in her professional life. Rumors about problems at her company have been swirling and she hasn't been able to reach her boss, the CEO. When news hits that he is under review by the FBI, she realizes that the career that she had worked so hard to build is over. Elle always had a plan for her life, but here she is 15 years later and she's starting to question things.

Elle's push to create the perfect reunion was in anticipation of seeing her high school crush Kam. He was always very much like Elle. Smart, determined, and had a plan for success. When Elle finally has a chance to spend time with him, she realizes that the fantasy she had in her head may have been good for high school Elle. But, for this Elle she realizes that she needs something different. She needs someone like Devin who appreciates life and is more spontaneous.

Christmas Class Reunion
Aimee Teegarden

Christmas Class Reunion Review

I always enjoy watching Aimee Teegarden, but I feel like Hallmark puts her in mediocre movies. And I have to say, that trend continues with Christmas Class Reunion. This movie is OK, but it's nothing special. As you would expect in a class reunion themed movie, there are multiple storylines going on. There's Sam who always felt like she was invisible to her classmates. Here she is a successful broadcaster and she is still insecure when it comes to her high school friends.

Then there are the high school sweethearts who are going through a rough patch. Of course there's Elle questioning her choices, and then there's Devin whose life is devoted to his business and his daughter. The reunion is a time for them all to re-assess their lives and figure out what the next 15 years will look like for them. The road may not be a straight line, and if may be bumpy. But, you have to take chances in order to find your purpose.

The Verdict: Predictably Ho-Hum. Not that most Hallmark movies aren't predictable, but I felt that this movie was especially predictible. There are the relationships that you can predict what will happen. And, it's easy to see the direction for each of their lives. All in all, the predictability just made for a ho-hum movie that left me yearning for more.

Christmas Class Reunion Recap

If you are going to give this movie a try, I would say be patient as Aimee's character gets more appealing as the movie goes along. In the first 15 minutes she is in high-powered executive mode and I didn't like her. But once she gets to her hometown and starts hanging out with Devin, you can see her walls come down and she is much more appealing. And I did like Tanner as Devin, so that's another check in the plus column if you're weighing the pros and cons of watching this one.

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