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The Christmas Bedtime Stories movie aired on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on October 29, 2022. Are the bedtime stories a mother tells her daughter magical? Is her late husband trying to send her messages? Here’s the rundown and review for this movie.

Christmas Bedtime Stories Movie
Christmas Bedtime Stories Movie

Synopsis of Christmas Bedtime Stories Movie

For many of us, Christmas can be a time of mixed emotions. The joy and excitement of being with family for a holiday. But it can also be a sad reminder of the loved ones who aren’t with us. Those are the mixed emotions facing Danielle (Erin Cahill) and her daughter Audrey (Alice Comer).

Audrey is about to celebrate her 8th birthday, bringing up many questions about her Dad. Her Dad, Colby (Charlie Weber), was a soldier who was presumed dead after his entire squad was killed in action. Since Audrey was only 5 when her Dad died, she’s had difficulty remembering him and has started asking her Mum lots of questions about him.

Instead of reading a bedtime story to Audrey, Danielle starts telling her stories about her Dad. Each night Audrey asks a new question, and Danielle answers the question by taking us back to that part of her life. We see flashbacks of the day she met Colby, the day Audrey was born. And, the last time she spoke with Colby.

But something strange starts to happen as Danielle opens up. Each time she tells a bedtime story, the next day, some part of that story pops up in her real life, like the rare snowstorm that fell on Virginia the day that Audrey was born. The day after sharing that story, Virginia was hit with another storm. Or how about the missing Christmas tree ornament that Colby gave them. It magically appears the day after Danielle shares the story of how Colby gave that to her, attached to the collar of their new puppy.

What is it that’s causing these events to occur? Is it Danielle’s hope that her husband is still out there, or maybe it’s her reluctance to move on and marry Pierce (Steve Lund)? Danielle has feelings for Pierce, but is it love, and is she ready to move on?

Christmas Bedtime Stories Cast
Christmas Bedtime Stories: Erin Cahill

Review of Christmas Bedtime Stories Movie

I’m having a hard time putting my finger on this movie. On the one hand, I liked it more than I thought I would. The preview of the movie made it seem sad and depressing. Maybe it’s because I’m a widow myself, and I worried that the subject would hit too close to home. Whatever it is, I’m glad that the Christmas Bedtime Stories movie was more optimistic than I expected. But that doesn’t mean that I liked it.

This movie is OK. In my ranking of the Best Hallmark Christmas movies for 2022, this one will be in the middle of the pack. Not the worst of the bunch, but certainly not at the top. With all of the talent in this movie, it was surprisingly void of emotion. I never really felt that Danielle and Pierce were a couple, so it was hard to get behind that relationship and be interested in what happened to them.

Recap of the Christmas Bedtime Stories Movie

I haven’t shared the whole story behind the Christmas Bedtime Stories movie, so if you’re interested in learning more, you’ll have to tune into Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to watch it. While I wouldn’t rush out to watch this one, I don’t think you’ll be too upset if you spend an evening watching this movie while you multitask and do something else simultaneously.

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