A Kismet Christmas Movie

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Is it fate that brings two people together, or just luck? A Kismet Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel tells the story about finding your true love. But is this movie magical itself, and worth the watch? We have the complete A Kismet Christmas movie review for you.

A Kismet Christmas Movie
A Kismet Christmas movie

What is Kismet?

The dictionary defines kismet as fate or destiny. Do we all have someone we are destined to fall in love with? That's the premise behind A Kismet Christmas movie. The story is about Sarah (Sarah Ramos) and the magical kismet Christmas cookies that her Granmma Mia (Marilu Henner) bakes every year. Legend goes that Mia's Grandmother was beholden to a rich suiter for whom she did not have an attraction.

One night she found a secret compartment in her kitchen and a hidden recipe for kismet cookies. A kismet cookie is supposed to reveal who your true love is. Place the cookie under your pillow while you sleep and the person you dream about is the person you love. Mia's Grandmother followed the recipe and her dreams revealed that her true love was a boy working in the local grocery store. She professed her love to him and two weeks later they were married.

The recipe was passed down over the years and Gramma Mia became the keeper of the recipe. People in the town knew about the magic of the cookies and would line up each Christmas to get there hands on one of the special cookies.

When Sarah was a teenager she put the kismet cookie to the test and her dreams revealed her childhood crush Travis (Carlo Marks) was her true love. Unfortunately when she goes to share the news with Travis she finds that he's getting married. Sarah rips up the kismet cookie recipe, leaves town and never returns.

Fast forward almost a decade and Sarah is now a best selling author of a children's book based on her own story of kismet. When a book commitment brings her back to her Grandmother's town, Sarah is reunited with Travis.

A Kismet Christmas movie takes us on the journey of Sarah and Travis reinventing their relationship. With Travis' daughter to help, Sarah finally sees that the legend of the kismet cookie is true. We are destined to find our true love, and Sarah and Travis were destined to be together after all.

A Kismet Christmas Cast

A Kismet Christmas Cast

If you are a fan of Chesapeake Shores then you'll recognize Carlo Marks from his role as David Peck on the long-running Hallmark series. In A Kismet Christmas he is just as sweet and charming as his is on Chesapeake Shores. I also really enjoyed seeing Marilu Henner in another Hallmark Christmas movie. With the departure of so many Hallmark stars, I wasn't sure if Marilu was another one who left for the Great American Family.

Is A Kismet Christmas Any Good

All in all I really enjoyed A Kismet Christmas movie. I think what I liked most about this story is that it's different. It's not the same old Christmas movie rehashed every year. Sure it has some common elements, but the story of a magical cookie and the myth behind it is something new.

I also liked seeing Carlo and Marilu in the movie. There were some other cast members that didn't thrill me as much and kind of got on my nerves, but overall I liked the cast and the movie. And the ultimate test, would I watch it again? And the answer to that is yes. I'd watch it again and the unique storyline also makes it one of the movies I'll remember this holiday season.

A Kismet Christmas Movie Recap

A Kismet Christmas movie on Hallmark is worth the watch. I think you'll enjoy the legend of the Christmas cookie and the desire we all have to find true love. It may not hold the #1 spot on my best Hallmark movies 2022 ranking, but it's a solid movie that I enjoyed.

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