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When a brother passes away before he can repair the relationship between his estranged sisters, he has one more chance to re-unite them. The Holiday Stocking on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is part of the network's new Mahogany brand that was expanded to their TV division.

About The Holiday Stocking

Before Robert Holiday ascends to heaven, he wants to make sure that his sisters are OK. So he is given one chance to go back as an angel and help repair their relationship. Going back with a different look, voice, and name, RJ (BJ Britt) has 12 days to re-unite his sisters.

Dani (Nadine Ellis) and Marlow (Tamala Jones) couldn't be more different. Dani owns a female-owned advertising company, and Marlow operates the bakery that their mother started. While they both work long hours, their life styles and personalities are polar opposites.

RJ uses an old, Holiday family tradition as his inroads to getting the sisters together. With The Holiday Stocking in-hand, RJ delivers a note to each sister and asks them to meet him at the Christmas market. He hopes to get them both together, but Dani is the only one who shows up. He shows her the family stocking with a riddle inside. The tradition is to answer 5 riddles and the person who solves the riddle gets to choose a charity to help out.

When RJ goes to the bakery to deliver the second riddle to Marlow, Dani shows up and the sisters are finally in the same room. They agree to work together to honor their brother's wish of completing the tradition one more time.

For Marlow it's a way to show her teenage daughter how giving back and volunteering can be fun. For Dani, she agrees to do it because her business needs the publicity of doing community service. They may have had their own reasons for agreeing to follow Robert's wish, but they end-up sticking with it because they enjoy spending time together and re-connecting.

The Holiday Stocking

What is Hallmark Mahogany

Hallmark introduced its Mahogany line of greeting cards back in 1987. The Mahogany brand provides cards and gifts designed for African-American consumers. In 2022 the Hallmark network expanded the Mahogany brand to their film division and they introduced their first original movie under the Mahogany banner. The Holiday Stocking is the first Christmas movie by Mahogany and it first aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on December 3, 2022.

Review of The Holiday Stocking

The Holiday Stocking is a great addition to the Hallmark lineup this Christmas. While it may be part of the Mahogany banner, I think this movie and it's message will resonate with everyone. It's a movie about family, and remembering the meaning of Christmas.

The Verdict: Touching. I really enjoyed this movie. The cast is wonderful and I loved the story and the message of the movie. That the best things at Christmas, are things that money can't buy. Family, community, and giving back are the most important things.

At the heart of the sibling rift was how care for their mother during her final years was handled. While Marlow was the one who was present and shouldered the burden of caring for their mother, Dani used her wealth to hire care for her. They both did what they could, but the difference in how they did it created a rift between them. But the movie shows us that talking about things, sharing our feelings, and asking for help are all crucial to any good relationship.

The Holiday Stocking

The Holiday Stocking

While we may not follow The Holiday Stocking game, there is something to be said about following the sentiment behind it. If we all give a little bit of ourselves this Christmas season, it's a win-win for us and our community. For giving is an act that rewards us with joy, and fulfillment.

I hope you enjoy this holiday season and make room for watching The Holiday Stocking. If you enjoy movies with angels, another movie at the top of my list for the best Hallmark Christmas movies this year is Ghosts of Christmas Always.

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