Five More Minutes Moments Like These

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Four years after the death of her husband, all she wants is five more minutes with him. It's her Christmas wish in Five More Minutes Moments Like These. This heartwarming Christmas movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries stars Ashley Williams and Lucas Bryant. Here's a look at the movie and why you'll want to add this to your watch list this holiday.

About Five More Minutes Moments Like These

Five More Minutes Moments Like These

Kaitlyn (Ashley Williams) lost her husband Brian four years ago. Now she is a single-parent trying to navigate life without the love of her life. So when she gets news that he son Adam (Brady Droulis) is having a hard time at school, she struggles with how to help him. She's also deciding what to do with a job offer that would relocate them to London. She decides that a trip back home to Colorado for the holidays is just what they need. But before they go, she makes a wish that she have five more minutes with her husband.

In Colorado, Kaitlyn and Adam are surrounded by family. They also get to visit their old home. It's the first house that Brian designed as an architect, so it has special meaning for Kaitlyn on multiple levels. With the renters moving out and the house sitting vacant, it's time for her to decide what to do with it.

Matthew (Lucas Bryant) is the construction project manager who presented an offer to purchase the property. But Matthew was also one of Brian's closest friends in high school, so he feels an obligation to do right by Kaitlyn and help her get the best deal for the property.

Five More Minutes Moments Like These
Five More Minutes Moments Like These: Ashley Williams

The Inspiration for Five More Minutes

The inspiration for the movie Five More Minutes Moments Like These is from the Scott McCreery song Five More Minutes. Hallmark first aired Five More Minutes in 2021 and it starred Nikki DeLoach. In a nod to her movie from last year, Nikki has a small part in the latest movie in the five more minutes franchise.

Five More Minutes Moments Like These

Five More Minutes Moments Like These Review

Five More Minutes Moments Like These is a really tender, and special movie. I have to admit that Ashley Williams isn't always my favorite. She is always SO perky and upbeat, that it gets annoying. But in this movie I found her more down to earth. She did a good job tampering her normal bubbly persona to reflect the grief that Kaitlyn was feeling. But at the same time, her character was never a downer or made the movie sad.

What's special about the Five More Minutes movies is that they tackle an idea that anyone who has lost someone appreciates. We all wish that we had just a few more minutes to spend with our loved one. Whether it's to ask an important question, hold them again, or get some tips on how to navigate life without them. But unlike all of us, Kaitlyn actually gets a response to her wish, and she does in fact get those precious moments she longs for.

And while Five More Minutes Moments Like These has a lot of familiar items in its storyline, what makes it good is that it weaves in some magic, and life lessons that we all can use. It's hard moving on without a husband, or father. We sometimes have to be brave and make the first step. Ask a stranger for help, and that person can turn into a friend. These are the messages of the movie, and what makes it different from other Hallmark movies.

The Verdict: Heartwarming. This movie really is touching and heartwarming. Matthew is a supportive friend to both Kaitlyn and Adam. And while he would love an opportunity for their relationship to be more, he understands her hesitation to move on. He helps them both with their home, and with a fundraiser that Adam wants to hold. Their family tradition has always been to volunteer during the holidays, and he wants to make sure that they continue the tradition in Colorado. The movie does a beautiful job of showing how grief impacts both children, and adults.

Five More Minutes Moments Like These Recap

This movie first aired on December 17th, making it the final Christmas movie that was part of Hallmark's Miracles of Christmas. They definitely saved the best for last, as Five More Minutes Moments Like These was the best Christmas movie on Hallmark M&M this year. With a good story, great message, and a fabulous cast, this is one that you won't want to miss.

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