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She was a staple on the Hallmark network for many years and wracked up a total of 16 movies before she left. Here's a look at all of the Danica McKellar Hallmark Movies. On top of a full list of all the movies in order, I'll also include my review for which one I liked best.

About Danica McKellar

For many of us, we first fell in love with Danica McKellar in 1988 when she played Winnie on the Wonder Years. It was one of my favorite shows back in the day. As Winnie she was sweet, adorable, and everyone loved her. I think it's the way many of us think of Danica and why it was so perfect for the Hallmark Network to bring her on board.

Danica has had steady work since the Wonder Years ended. While most of her work was guest appearances in an episode or two of a show, she also did a lot of voice work for animated movies. Her relationship with Hallmark began in 2015 with Perfect Match. From there she starred in a total of 16 movies for the Crown Media Family Networks.

Danica McKellar Hallmark Movies

Danica McKellar Hallmark Movies In Order

Here is the list of all 16 of the Danica McKellar Hallmark movies in order. In includes every movie she made for the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

2015     Perfect Match (aka A Perfect Wedding)           
Crown for Christmas
2016My Christmas Dream     
Wedding Bells  
2017Campfire Kiss    
Coming Home for Christmas          
Very, Very, Valentine 
2018Love in Design  
Christmas at Grand Valley   
Love and Sunshine  
2019The Matchmaker Mysteries: A Killer Engagement 
Christmas at Dollywood
Matchmaker Mysteries: A Fatal Romance
2020Christmas She Wrote     
Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill
2021You, Me & the Christmas Trees

My Favorite Danica McKellar Hallmark Movie

Danica was always one of my favorites on Hallmark. You really can't go wrong watching any of her movies, but my favorite is probably Love and Sunshine. It's the story of Ally (Danica) who fosters a golden retriever named Sunshine. Sunshine's owner Jake (Mark Deklin) is in the military and while he is deployed Ally cares for Sunshine. When Jake returns home and goes to pick-up Sunshine, he meets Ally. Their mutual love for Sunshine makes them instant friends and their friendship eventually turns into more.

I think one of the reasons why I like this movie so much is because it shows off all of the traits that I love about Danica and the characters she plays. Ally is strong. She runs her own business and when her ex-boyfriend doesn't respect her business ideas, she gives him the boot. But Ally is also kind, compassionate, and funny. This movie is charming and I just loved the chemistry between all of the characters. And lets face it, you can't go wrong with a golden retriever as one of the leads.

Love and Sunshine
Love and Sunshine

Danica McKellar Leaves Hallmark

In 2021 the string of Danica McKellar Hallmark movies came to an end when Danica announced that she was leaving Hallmark to join GAC Family (now Great American Family). So the 2021 Christmas season was the last time fans saw her on Hallmark. In 2022 she starred in her first movies for Great American Family and Christmas at the Drive-In was her first Christmas movie for the network.

Why Did Danica McKellar Leave Hallmark

Danica was one of the first Hallmark veterans to jump ship and move to Great American Family (GAF). While I'm sure there are many reasons why she made the move, I think at the forefront was the relationship she had with former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott.

Abbott is now the CEO for GAF and I think that he was able to lure a lot of talent away from Hallmark based on the relationship he had with those stars. After all, for many of them Hallmark movies put a spark in their career. And if Bill was the reason for that, then it stands to reason that they would be loyal and follow him to the new network.

Recap of Danica McKellar Hallmark movies

As a fan favorite, I'm sure that many people wish that there would be more Danica McKellar Hallmark movies in the future. But with her move to GAF, that doesn't seem to be likely. But luckily she built up quite a collection of movies for Hallmark, so you can still enjoy her movies on demand or when Hallmark replays them.

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