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Freddie Prinze, Jr. stars in the latest Christmas movie for 2022. In the Christmas With You Netflix movie he plays a Dad whose daughter gets an unexpected visit from her favorite music star. Is the young girl the spark the star needs to get her career back on track? And does this movie have the spark it needs to make it onto your watch list for this season?

Christmas With You Netflix
Christmas With You Netflix Movie Starring Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Synopsis of Christmas With You Netflix Movie

Angelina (Aimee Garcia) is a pop star who is being pushed to the side by her record label. They are opting for a younger singer who has lots of social media followers. Lacking inspiration for creating a new Christmas song, Angelina heads off on a road trip to visit a young fan. Cristina (Deja Monique Cruz) is getting ready for her 15th birthday and celebrating her quinceañera. She posts a video covering her favorite Angelina song. It's a song that her mother loved and she's going to use it at the party so that it feels like a piece of her Mum is with her.

Touched by the video and needing to escape the pressure from the record label, Angelina surprises Cristina with a visit. She wants to fulfill Cristina's wish of getting a selfie with he. But when a snow storm hits and Angelina can't get back to the City, she stays the night at Cristina and her Dad Miguel's (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) house. Angelina gets to enjoy a home cooked meal and spend some quality time connecting with them both.

Miguel is a high school music teacher who enjoys songwriting. When Angelina finds the Christmas song he's working on, she invites him to collaborate with her. She thinks that his song is perfect for what she needs to record for the studio. In the Christmas With You Netflix movie, Angelina gets to spend time with both Angelina and Miguel. She helps Angelina prepare for her quinceanera, and she gets her Christmas spirit at the same time. Bonding with them is just the connection she needed to inspire her song. Since losing her mother a few years earlier, Angelina struggled getting into Christmas. But spending time with Miguel helped her see what she was missing in life.

Christmas With You Netflix Movie

My Review and Rating

The Verdict: Charming. I enjoyed the Christmas With You Netflix movie. It was sweet, and charming from start to finish. I will say that I felt it was missing some oomph. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but I guess there was a spark that was missing. It was lacking some of the emotional depth it needed to make it really moving. But, even with that it's still an OK movie. It certainly is SO MUCH better than the Lindsay Lohan Netflix movie Falling for Christmas.

The women are the stars in this movie, which I guess makes sense since it's focusing on a girl's quinceanera. Aimee Garcia is good as Angelina and I really liked Deja in her role as Cristina. And the grandmother was a lot of fun in the movie. I loved how close the family is and it was nice to see the dynamics of a multi-generational Latin family living under one roof.

I think another thing that's missing in the movie is some of the magic that you get with other Christmas movies. Since this movie was focused around Cristina's quinceanera, it didn't have Christmas as the focal point. It just so happened that her party was taking place in December, so it had Christmas decorations in it. But, there weren't any other Christmas moments other than when they visited a tree farm decorating for the holiday.

Christmas With You Netflix Movie Recap

The Christmas With You Netflix movie is a fun and sweet movie that is worth a watch. I enjoyed the relationship between Angelina and Cristina and how they both bonded over the loss of their mothers. Angelina was also able to help her with some of the finishing touches on her party. I think that relationship was even more impactful than the romantic relationship with Miguel, but of course it wouldn't be a rom-com if it didn't have the romance part. But without a lot of spark in the relationship, I'm glad that there were other relationships that drew me into the movie.

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