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A chef and cookbook author wants the perfect gingerbread recipe to complete her new book. But when she can't come up with her own recipe, she asks for people to submit there's. In Baking All The Way, a baker from a small town has to decide if he's willing to share his family's secret recipe.

The Story of Baking All The Way

Julia (Cory Lee) has special memories of baking gingerbread cookies with her mother. Unfortunately, the secret recipe passed down by her mother was ruined and she hasn't been able to successfully re-create the recipe. She can't imagine publishing her next cookbook without that recipe, so she comes up with the idea to have people submit their own recipes. The winner will have his recipe included in the cookbook. And, receive the recognition that goes along with it.

When Julia chooses the winning recipe, she decides to deliver the news in person. The problem is, when she arrives at the HomeStead Bakery, the owner Kris (Yannick Bisson) has no idea how she received his famous gingerbread cookies. And, he has no intention of sharing the family recipe. But the struggling bakery needs business, so Julia convinces Kris to let her help him. If she can increase the bakery's sales by 50% in 12 days, then Kris will share the recipe with her.

Baking All The Way
Baking All The Way

Baking All The Way Review

The Verdict: Meh. Baking All The Way is one of those middle of the road movies. Nothing that makes it terrible, but also nothing that makes it memorable. Will I remember this movie at the end of the holiday season when I've watched dozens of Christmas movies? Probably not. While the movie is cute enough, it lacks much depth, drama, or emotion. I also found it to be very slow.

Baking All The Way has a lot of common themes. Kris is a widower who is raising his daughter with the help of his mother. Part of the reason why he doesn't want to give up the secret gingerbread recipe is because it was a family tradition to bake the cookies together. A special memory of he and his wife baking with their daughter.

Recap of Baking All The Way

Baking All The Way is one of those Christmas movies that isn't bad to watch while you're multi-tasking. There are no big moments or exciting scenes to keep you glued to your seat. Just an OK movie that's alright to have playing in the background, but you'll want to be knitting, baking, or doing something else to help pass the time and not make the movie seem so slow.

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