Will Trent TV Series: Is It the New Monk?

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He is a Special Agent with the highest clearance rate, because he has a different way of looking at things. The Will Trent TV series is the newest police drama, but it's anything but typical. It's a crime drama led by an underdog who fights for the little guy.

Will Trent TV Series
Will Trent TV series on ABC

About the Will Trent TV series

Will Trent is a Special Agent with the George Bureau of Investigations (GBI). His background growing up in a group home for foster children drives his passion for making sure that no one is overlooked, forgotten, or abandoned. And as a person with dyslexia, he naturally looks at things from a different perspective. While many think that all of this makes him odd, or quirky, what they can't dispute is that he is the best agent they have.

Will Trent Books

The Will Trent TV series is based on the Will Trent books by best selling author Karin Slaughter. There are 11 books in the Will Trent series. The eleventh book, After That Night: A Will Trent Thriller is available for pre-order and will be released in August 2023.

Will Trent Books
Will Trent Book 1

My Review of theWill Trent Show

The Will Trent TV series premiered on ABC on January 3, 2023. The first two episodes of the show follow the abduction of a girl with ties to Trent's childhood. The missing girl's father grew up in the same group home as Will, so these episodes lay the groundwork for his past and how it influences everything that he does.

The show was hyped-up a lot before it's premiere, which can mean one of two things. Either the network knows that the show is going to be a dud and they work hard to make it a hit. Or, they know it's going to be a winner from the get-go. Not to take the easy way out on my answer, but I think the reality with this one is that it lies somewhere in-between. The show has a lot of potential, but it's different so it will need the hype to get people interested.

The first two episodes were OK, but they didn't necessarily get me hooked as an instant fan. There was something about Will that got on my nerves. I think it was his accent. I mean the show is based in Georgia, but somehow Will is the only one with an accent. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually happy that they don't have accents. I think that accents can often be distracting, and I guess that was my immediate reaction to the Will Trent character.

As the season has progressed, the show is growing on me. The cases are usually interesting and I love a good mystery. Will is always put on the toughest cases, so it's fun to watch his mind work to figure out the case.

Will Trent TV Series
Will Trent Cast

The Will Trent Cast

The cast on the Will Trent TV series is pretty amazing. And truth be told, it was actually part of the reason why I was a little skeptical when I watched the pilot episode. I thought, how can ABC carry a show with such a huge cast? I mean there's nothing worse than getting hooked on a show and then having the network cancel it after one season.

The regulars on the show include Will (Ramon Rodriguez), his partner Faith (Iantha Richardson), and the head of the GBI Amanda (Sonja Sohn). There's also Michael (Jake McLaughlin) and Angie (Erika Christensen) who are agents in the homicide division. Angie also grew up in the foster care system with Will, so they have a special relationship. They know things about each other that they don't typically share with people.

The first two episodes also included special guest stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Jennifer Morrison. They play the parents of the missing girl. With guest stars like that, I think you can see why I thought the first episode was loaded with well-known actors and actresses.

Recap of theWill Trent TV Series

I think that with Will's childhood being such an important part of his character, it took a couple of episodes for this series to hit its stride. But, now that the foundation has been set I think that they can plug along with great cases that showcase Trent's brilliant mind. With his Chihuahua in one hand and his recorder in the other, Will Trent is not your typical police officer. Kind of like Monk, his quirks are what make the show and his character appealing.

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