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A travel mix-up lands Emma in Alaska instead of the Caribbean. It's a far cry from the vacation she was hoping for, but will it end up being a happy accident? Here is my review of Lifetime's Single and Ready to Jingle, with a look at the story, and cast.

Single and Ready to Jingle Synopsis

Emma (Natasha Wilson) is a Senior Executive for a toy company. She used to love Christmas, but now that she has to think about it 24/7, the holiday has lost some of its magic. So she plans a vacation to get away from Chicago and head to the warmth and sun of St. John. The problem? Her assistant puts her on a direct flight to to St. John, Alaska. Her sandals and strapless jumpsuit aren't really the right attire for negative temps and a snow storm.

With the airport shut down due to a snowstorm, Emma is stranded. Connor (Edward Ruttle) meets Emma at the airport and drives her to the local inn that his sister owns. Checked in to the Candy Cane Suite at the Sleigh Bell Inn, Emma is surrounded by Christmas cheer everywhere she looks. It's a far cry from the Christmas-free vacation she was hoping for. But, Connor helps her explore the small town and enjoy some fun in the snow.

Single and Ready to Jingle
Single and Ready to Jingle

Single and Ready to Jingle Review

Single and Ready to Jingle starts off slowly. In fact, if I wasn't writing this review I probably would not have finished the movie. The first 15 minutes or so turned me off, but I stuck with it and the movie did get better. However, then it drove me crazy again. The movie had potential, and there were parts that were cute. However, too many mistakes and holiday cliches made it annoying for me.

What Drove Me Crazy

I know that this may seem knit-picky, but I get annoyed when I watch a movie and there are errors in it. So I figured that I would run down just a few of the things that drove me crazy in Single and Ready to Jingle.

  • S'mores. Everyone knows what a s'more is. A movie doesn't have to explain it to people and please don't make it seem like s'mores are something unique to the town for the movie.
  • A number of times during the movie they mention that the temperature is -12 degrees. Yes, you read that correctly. It was supposed to be negative 12 degrees. But, on countless scenes they are outside with no hats, no gloves and their coats are unzipped. I live in New England and I know cold. I can tell you that at -12 you would not be doing any of those things.
  • Following-up what I just mentioned, sub-zero temperatures means that you stay indoors for the most part. Emma would not go out in a snow storm and try to walk 3 miles to the Inn. Just not happening folks!
  • The fake falling on ice and stupid scenes like that where they try to use some physical humor. Have the person fall for real if you think it is warranted in the scene, but don't make it a big, fake fall.

What I Liked About the Movie

I thought that the story was cute in Single and Ready to Jingle. I mean can you imagine if you thought that you were going to a tropical island and instead you land in Alaska? It's like Home Alone 2, but the difference is that Kevin was thrilled to be in New York City. For Emma, brutally cold Alaska was not a welcome sight.

I also enjoyed Natasha and Edward in the lead roles. Connor is a really likeable character and I could see why Emma was attracted to him. He is a very caring person, so it was nice to see that side of someone. And, to see all of the thoughtful things that people do during the holiday.

The Verdict: Flawed. For me there were too many negatives to outweigh the positives, so I can't recommend it. It definitely had potential and if you don't mind errors in a movie then you may enjoy it. For me, once was enough and I'll move on to another Christmas movie to watch.

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