Saying Goodbye to American Idol

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In the grand scheme of life, having a tv show go off the air is really no big deal. There's no comparing it to the death of a loved one, or losing touch with a close friend. These are real life relationships that bring about real emotions when losses occur. But we build up relationships, in a manner of speaking, with people on tv too so there is a level of grieving that we go through when shows and beloved characters go away.

This week we say goodbye to American Idol. For 15 seasons millions of Americans have tuned in to watch talented singers belt it out to become the next Kelly Clarkson. We've seen good seasons, not so good seasons and plenty of emotions from the judges, contestants and fans. Love it or leave it, American Idol paved the way for all of the reality shows that are on TV today. Tonight the 2-part finale begins and the final two contestants will go up against each other in the finals. Whether it's Trent, Dalton or La'Porsha, the last person to be crowned an American Idol is going to be the perfect book-end to a series that brought us Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Phillip Phillips, Jennifer Hudson and so many more. Proof that you don't have to walk away with the prize in order to walk away a winner.

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