Miracle in Bethlehem PA

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Miracle in Bethlehem PA is one of those special Christmas movies that you'll look forward to watching year after year. Airing on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries just before Christmas, this Christmas movie is like watching a modern day story of Jesus. See what makes this movie special, and why I think it's a must see for everyone during the holidays.

Miracle in Bethlehem PA Cast

Miracle in Bethlehem PA stars Laura Vandervoort as Mary Ann and Benjamin Ayres as Joe. Along side them is a fantastic supporting cast that includes, Amy Groening as Joe's sister Frankie, Teryl Rothery as his mother Goldie, and Angela Narth as Grandma. A veteran team of actors and actresses who add so much to this wonderful movie.

Miracle in Bethlehem PA

The Story of Miracle in Bethlehem PA

The story of Miracle in Bethlehem PA is one that sounds familiar, but with a modern view of course. Mary Ann is a single woman whose name has been on the waiting list to adopt a baby. She gets a call just before Christmas that there is a baby girl ready to be adopted. So Mary Ann travels to Bethlehem, PA to meet her new daughter.

As she's leaving the hospital with her daughter Natalie, a storm hits and shuts down all of the roads. Stuck in Bethlehem until the storm clears, she finds that there are no rooms at the local Bed & Breakfast. But the owner of the Inn, Frankie, offers her brother Joe's house as a spot for Mary Ann and Natalie to stay.

Joe is a bachelor who has been stuck in a rut since the death of his Dad. As his best friend, and confidant, Joe feels lost without him around. The arrival of Mary Ann and Natalie sparks a fire under him, and he gets inspired to turn his life around. Blessed with a loving family, and his own auto repair business, Joe needed the arrival of Mary Ann and Natalie to remind him of his blessings.

Miracle in Bethlehem PA

My Review

Miracle in Bethlehem PA is one of the top movies on my list of the best Hallmark Christmas movies for 2023. There are so many reasons why I loved this movie. First, it's filled with an amazing cast where everyone complements each other perfectly.

Second, the story is one that's touching and emotional. While we all know the story of Jesus and many of us may watch a reenactment of the nativity scene at church each Christmas, Miracle in Bethlehem PA is a beautiful modern day version of the story, and a reason why it will be a movie that I look forward to watching every year.

Miracle in Bethlehem PA on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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