Making Spirits Bright

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Making Spirits Bright is a Hallmark movie staring Taylor Cole and Carlo Marks. Taylor plays Grace and Carlo's character is Tony. Grace and Tony are childhood friends whose fathers were business partners in a Christmas decorating company when the two were young.

The two fathers had a falling out and the families have been estranged ever since- well, sort of. Each father went out on his own, but now years later they both find that their decorating business is not doing well. Both are getting edged out by the new, young kid on the block who has the town plugged in with high-tech modern decorations.

With a big decorating contest and $25,000 on the line to the winner, both families enter the competition to help their failing businesses. Grace and Tony help their Dads during the contest. And while doing so, the two get to re-connect an old friendship.

There are a lot of familiar themes in this movie. Mothers who have secretly dreamed about their children getting together. And, a childhood crush that was pushed to the side as they both pursued their dreams.

Making Spirits Bright Review

Making Spirits Bright Review

Taylor Cole is one of my favorite Hallmark actresses so I may be a little biased, but I think this was another hit for her. I enjoyed the chemistry between Taylor and Carlo. And, I really liked all of the supporting cast.

On top of the love story, I also liked some of the underlying sub-plots. The idea that each Dad was stubborn and not willing to adapt to improve their individual businesses. And, that maybe their styles and skills complimented each other and would be better working together than separately?

I love decorating for Christmas so I think this was another reason why I enjoyed this movie. The contest in the movie was like watching the great light fight on TV. And the winning design of course is something to strive for. I know I'd want it at my house.

My Recommendation: Thumbs Up

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