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In Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas, a mother and daughter get snowed in at a church on Christmas Eve. Surrounded by parishioners, they let faith and music back into their lives, and repair their relationship.

Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas Overview

Journee (Naturi Naughton) and her daughter Nia (Lorea Turner) are on their way to Philadelphia when a snow storm hits, and they seek shelter at a church. Pastor Adam (Luke James) is the one who welcomes them. The church's annual Christmas concert was cancelled due to the storm, and the youth group and ministers are riding out the storm at the church.

The last couple of years have put a strain on Journee and Nia's relationship. After her husband's death, Journee moved Nia to New Jersey. Along with taking her away from family, the move also left Nia alone as Journee threw herself into her work as an attorney. At first it was a necessity as she was now the sole provider for the family. However, over time it became a coping mechanism for Journee. What she didn't realize, was the toll it was taking on Nia and their relationship.

As Journee and Nia ride out the storm, the mother and daughter have an opportunity to discuss their relationship and how they can get it back on track. Pastor Adam helps Journee understand that she needs to open-up to Nia and they can use the time at the church to chat. It will be the first step to repairing their relationship.

The time at the church also helps bring music back into their lives. Nia stopped singing after her father's death, but being surrounded by the church choir helps her find her voice again. Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas is filled with powerful music throughout. In addition to the youth group, and choir being snowed in at the church, a pop star Simone (Loren Lott) also ends-up there. Together they all fill the church with music and live-stream a Christmas concert.

Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas

Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas Review

Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas is an uplifting and powerful movie filled with beautiful music. It has the moving gospel music that you would expect from Kirk Franklin, but it also has a beautiful story that complements the music.

There's no easy way to grieve for a loved one, and Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas shows how children and adults tackle it very differently. I know this from first hand experience, so it was nice to see how nicely the movie handled this subject. That the biggest thing to remember is to communicate, and to be there for each other.

The Verdict: Powerful. I can't think of a better work to describe this movie. The musical performances are all so strong, and moving. The music, and the story, have a powerful message to share and it was an uplifing and joyous movie to watch.

Movie Recap

Kirk Franklins The Night Before Christmas is a great movie to watch this holiday season. It's especially good to watch if you are someone who misses church. If you aren't able to get out to church this year, or you're missing the comfort, and joy that a vibrant church offers, then you'll be thrilled to welcome this movie into your home. Journee and Nia show us that the holidays are the perfect time to mend fences, and to re-unite families.

Snowed in through the night, mother and daughter made things right. A wonderful message for us all to remember this Christmas season. The holiday brings people together!

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