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When a fancy, new hotel opens in a small town, the local bed and breakfast struggles to compete. Can a popular travel blogger help? B&B Merry Stars Jen Lilley and Jesse Hutch. Here's a look at the story, cast, and my review.

B&B Merry Overview

Travel blogger Tracey (Jen Lilley) has a big following, including Graham (Jesse Hutch). Graham helps his mother run a small bed and breakfast in Vermont. With a big, luxury hotel that just opened in the small town, they find their B&B suffering. So Graham reaches out to Tracey and invites her and her boyfriend, Mark, on a romantic getaway.

Right before heading to Vermont, Tracey receives a potential job offer from a renowned travel magazine. She needs to submit a sample review to them, and since she's already going to Vermont, she decides to write a review on the luxury hotel. Tracey figured it would be the perfect way to do two reviews during one trip. Little did she know that she would fall in love with the B&B, and Graham.

Tracey plans on staying at the hotel prior to staying at the bed and breakfast, but when Graham bumps into her at the local coffee shop he assumes that she just arrived early. So he drives her over to the B&B before she can confess that she planned on staying at the hotel. She also doesn't have the guts to tell him that she and Mark just broke up. So it will be a romantic getaway for one.

As the only guest at the B&B, Graham's mother and his Aunt go a little over-board trying to make things perfect for her. When the truth about Mark finally comes out, the owners finally let-up a bit and give Tracey the space to enjoy her stay. Plus, they recognize a spark between Tracey and Graham so they give them space to spend time together.

BB Merry
B&B Merry

B&B Merry Cast

Jen Lilley is one of my favorites. Her quiet, and calm demeanor is so soothing to me and I always enjoyed watching her when she was on the Hallmark Channel. Since moving to Great American Family, her movies have been hit or miss for me. That's not her fault though. Last year they threw together a few Christmas movies and you could tell that they were done quickly and without much money. It's nice to see that this year they gave Jen a better movie.

What I like about Jen is how natural she is. And that is true for Jesse as well. They both just seem so real to me and their chemistry together was perfect. They really did seem like two people who fit together beautifully.

B&B Merry
B&B Merry: Jen Lilley

My B&B Merry Review

The Verdict: Quietly Good. B&B Merry is one of those charming movies that is just relaxing, and nice to watch. There are no big moments in the movie, no over-the-top acts of romance, or anything like that. It's just a solid movie, that is enjoyable to watch. It doesn't have a big cast either. It's essentially just 7-8 people so it is a Christmas movie with a narrow focus, and that is perfectly fine with me.

It's also not a Christmas movie that tries to drive home a message. This movie is really all about the romance. Sure, the story is about two people figuring out what they want in life. But, this is not something specific to Christmas. It just so happens to be set at Christmastime.

B&B Merry Recap

B&B Merry is just what I would expect from a Jen Lilley movie. It is soothing, appealing, and quietly entertaining. It's not trying to be flashy, or hit us over the head with Christmas clichés. It's just a comforting movie to kick back and watch during the holidays.

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