American Idol Season 14

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American Idol Season 14If you had asked me about American Idol a few seasons ago I would have said put a fork in them.  I thought that the show was done, or definitely in a steep decline.  But with a team of judges that focus on the positive, the show is fun to watch again.

One of the things that drove me crazy in the past was American Idol's infatuation with bad singers.  Those people who show up to the audition and do goofy things just to get on TV for their 15 minutes of fame.  This year the show report's that it won't be showing us any of those audition tapes and instead they'll get back to their roots and show us good singers.

It's still too early to say how the season will unfold, but I can tell you that things are looking up this year for American Idol season 14.

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