A Christmas Proposal

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“A Christmas Proposal” premiered on CBS on December 12th. This 2021 Christmas movie is a familiar story, but with a top-notch cast that makes it feel refreshingly new.

If you are a Jessica Camacho fan and you've missed getting your weekly fix of her on “All Rise”, then boy are you in for a treat. It's so nice to see her in this role. And she is matched-up perfectly with Adam Rodriguez. He plays Julian, a hard-working attorney who thinks he's all that…and a bag of chips. When Julian ropes Maria (Jessica) into pretending to be his girlfriend while visiting his family, she breaks down his walls and finds that there is a really nice guy inside.

The chemistry between Jessica and Adam makes this story work. As Maria and Julian, they bring humor and a playfulness to the characters. I love that Maria is a strong and independent woman. The only reason she agrees to help Julian is because she's trying to fulfill her dream of starting her own business. But that doesn't mean that she sits back and plays a submissive role to Julian's strong personality. It's her softer side, intellect, and intuition that help push people to make changes. And, become happier while doing so.

A Christmas Proposal

I mentioned that the cast and their chemistry made this story refreshing, but I think that the location also played a role. As a CBS production, you can see how a network budget makes a movie so much more well-rounded. With Hallmark and GAC Family, their Christmas movies are shot on a shoestring budget, comparatively speaking. Their smaller budgets are particularly noticeable when it comes to the location and cast. Hallmark movies usually have very simple locations, and very few supporting cast members, and backup actors. When a scene has the energy of a robust cast, it really brings the story to life. This is why “A Christmas Proposal” is a well-rounded, charming, and fun Christmas movie. If you missed it, you can stream it now on CBS or Paramount+.

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