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When the Hallmark Channel pairs Bethany Joy Lenz and Kristoffer Polaha together in a movie, you know it's going to be a hit. And that's just what they have with A Biltmore Christmas.

A Biltmore Christmas

A Biltmore Christmas Cast

In addition to Bethany and Kristoffer, the movie also includes a wonderful supporting cast. Including, Jonathan Frakes and a cameo appearance from Mary Elizabeth McDonough, who Walton's fans will surely recognize.

A Biltmore Christmas
Bethany Joy Lenz

The Story of A Biltmore Christmas

Lucy Hardgrove (Lenz) is a writer hired by a movie studio to re-write a classic Christmas movie, His Merry Wife! Lucy's original re-write includes a change to the movie's ending, which the studio exec objects to. To help Lucy understand the movie and its history, the studio sends her to the Biltmore Estate so that she can experience Christmas where the movie was set.

While visiting the Biltmore and learning about the history of the movie, Lucy comes across a magical hourglass that transports her to the 1947 set of the original movie. Polaha plays Jack Hudson, one of the stars of the original movie.

Although Lucy is originally shocked at her time traveling abilities, she eventually decides to use the hourglass another time so that she can understand the original movie and its feel good ending.

A Biltmore Christmas
Kristoffer Polaha

My Review of A Biltmore Christmas

A Biltmore Christmas is like It's A Wonderful Life meets Back to the Future. It takes the most popular and classic Christmas movie and lets us step into that time period through the use of the time travel.

I have to admit that I'm not usually much of a fan of Hallmark time traveling movies. There have been some decent “life swaps” but time travel usually doesn't go well. A Biltmore Christmas has made me a fan.

I love so much about this movie. The cast is the best, and I'm so glad that Hallmark gave them a movie worthy of their talents.

The other treat with this movie is that we get to enjoy the glamour and charm of old movies. The costumes, sets, and Christmas decorations are all gorgeous. It's a masterful way to get us into the Christmas spirit, with the Christmas charm of a time gone by.

A Biltmore Christmas is #1 on my list of the best Hallmark Christmas movies of 2023. This movie is leaps and bounds above the others and is a must see. I know that I'm already looking forward to watching it again.

A Biltmore Christmas

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